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We stand on the shoulders of giants. Satoshi, Hal, Vitalik, Matt, John, Richerd, Snowfro, 6529, and all the creators, programmers, and collectors who have contributed to the space. We came, we saw, minted, traded, flipped, floored, got rekt, FOMO’d in, FOMO’d out, and everything in between.

We are here for the culture. All of it. We have seen NFTs called dead too many times to count. Like our CT compadres, we ain’t fucking leaving. For what is dead may never die. You can send smolting all you want.

We survived the Big Bang of web3. The cambrian explosion that created our universe over the last few years has been incredible to experience. There are thousands of galaxies and planets for us to discover and explore. Some will be habitable and beautiful, others just balls of toxic gas. Many moons have passed us by, forever gone from reach, but there will always be multiple future opportunities to get on the right rocketship to Valhalla.

We believe in memes. We understand their cultural value and honor those that were imported into and served as inspiration for our web3 culture: DOGE, Nyan Cat, Pepe, Dickbutts, among others. We are very happy that we now also have memes of our own.

We are heeding the call to “seize the memes of production!”. Punk 6529 has led the way and we are happy to follow into battle. We won’t let the institutions steal our JPEGs.

We are stealing The Memes, though. We will build on and with them, capitalizing on the composability of CC0 and the cohesiveness of our web3 community and culture.

We are introducing our first collection: “Seize The Meebs!”. We believe Meebits have four main pillars which will be very valuable long term and we want to highlight those through our Meebcard drops: Provenance, Utility, Mass appeal, and Metaversability.

We believe in provenance. Ethereum allows us to immutably prove the moment of creation as well as the history of ownership of any token. We value the heritage of the ideas that inspired each meme and we will honor all the provenance of the elements that will go into the tokens we distribute.

We appreciate the right kind of utility when appropriate. Seize The Meeb cards are NFTs, not just “digital collectibles”. NFTs should not be caged to an unidimensional term. NFTs are turbocharged idea- and value- delivery platforms and we seek to explore as many iterations of that as we can.

We love beautiful art. Meebits are art and we believe that this will play a big role in their appeal to the masses. We are excited to partner with many amazing artists to deliver incredible art to complement the memes that we seek to propagate.

We are looking forward to the open metaverse. We agree that memes are the real estate of the metaverse, for this is the attention economy. With memes as the foundation, the composability of CC0 allows us to build and contribute to a future where the metaverse is open and decentralized.


“The point is that people think in stories, think in visual shorthand, think in brands, in intersubjective myths, in memes.”

- Punk 6529

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