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'Meebdom to Transact' by @cyberh49

Introducing Card 24 "MEEBDOM TO TRANSACT" by @cyberh49 featuring a Meebit rendition of @XCOPYART 's "summer.jpg"


Date: 5/10

Cost: 0.04 ETH

Edition Size: 420

Set: Base


@cyberh49 Is an AI researcher with a PhD in ML and computer vision. Over 15 years, he's blended AI and art by crafting innovative computer vision & image processing algorithms. One of Cyberh49's noteworthy creations is "Fuzzy Nouns" a @6529Collections Season 2 Meme card.


For Card 24, @cyberh49 has produced an enchanting and multicoloured composition that celebrates the passion of stamp enthusiasts. It showcases the STM pillar of provenance, inspiring us to contemplate our origins and the advancement of digital creativity.



Wave 1:

10pm EDT Wednesday May 10th - 6pm EDT Thursday May 11th:

- Naka sets

- Artist AL


Wave 2:

6pm EDT Thursday May 11th - 6pm EDT Saturday May 13th.

- Holders of 4 of more STM Cards

Many thanks to @cyberh49 for this stunning card, and to the STM community for their continued support!

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