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'Estación Mibit' by @PanterXhita

Introducing Card 26 "Estación Mibit" by @PanterXhita featuring Meebits 1679, 17407, 12131 and CryptoPunks 8745, 8051, 8219, 1806, 6507.


Date: 05/24 

Cost: 0.04 ETH 

Max Edition Size: 420 

Set: Base


Meet @PanterXhita , an OG Argentine cryptoartist who’s been minting work to the blockchain since 2020. Panter’s art carries her unique style, leaving a recognizable mark on her creations. Her series “A HISTORY OF CRYPTOART” on @niftygateway is a prime example of her talents.


For card 26, Panter presents a captivating subway scene featuring Meebits and Punks. Her distinct Latin American muralism style takes center stage, offering multiple points of visual interest for the viewer to enjoy.




Wave 1:  

10pm EDT Wednesday May 24th - 6pm EDT Thursday May 25th: 

- Naka sets 

- Artist AL  


Wave 2:  

6pm EDT Thursday May 25th - 6pm EDT Saturday May 27th. 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards


Snapshots will take place Wednesday May 24th at 5pm EDT

Thank you to @PanterXhita for this captivating Card. We are overjoyed to share “Estación Mibit” with the STM community, who we also thank for their continued loyalty and support.

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