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'I Want You To Seize The Meebs' by @zanozaClub

Introducing SZN 2 Card 27 "I Want You To Seize The Meebs" by @zanozaClub featuring CryptoPunk #6634 from @brainy6634 's collection.


Date: 06/01

Cost: 0.04 ETH

Max Edition Size: 420

Set: Base


Since 2021, @zanonzaClub has been curating art that possesses a unique and easily identifiable artistic style. Through the frequent incorporation of his signature vivid green hue, his artwork showcases graffiti-inspired pieces in both JPEG and GIF formats.


@zanonzaClub has taken inspiration from SZN1 Card1 "6529Seizing" by @6529er and infused his artistic twist. The original piece has been remixed with his distinctive style, incorporating graffiti references to "Meebs" and adding glitch touches that breathe life into the artwork.




Wave 1:

10am EDT Thursday June 1st - 10am EDT Friday June 2nd

- Naka sets

- Artist AL


Wave 2:

10am EDT Friday June 2nd - 10am Sunday June 4th 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards

Thank you to @zanozaClub for this electric and vibrant addition to SZN 2. And as always, thank you to our incredible STM family for their continued support!

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