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'Back Alley Meebing' by @_gernge

Introducing Card 28 "Back Alley Meebing" by @_gernge featuring 


Date: 06/05 

Cost: 0.04 ETH 

Max Edition Size: 420 

Set: Base


Gernge, a Detroit-based freelance 3D Designer & Animator, excels in world building and meticulous detail. With expertise in Cinema 4D, he breathes life into projects through a fusion of technical proficiency and artistic vision.


For Card 28, Gernge skillfully weaves a tapestry of concealed surprises within this captivating portrayal of a clandestine back alley meeting. While the exact nature of the conversation remains open to interpretation, its message is clear: Meeb me out back if you want that alpha.




Wave 1:  

10am EDT Monday June 5th - 10am  EDT Tuesday June 6th: 

- Naka sets 

- Artist AL  


Wave 2:  

10am EDT Tuesday June 6th - 10am Thursday June 8th. 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards

Many thanks to @_gernge for such a cinematic and intricate masterpiece.

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