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'Transparent Communion' by @WillZwey

Introducing Card 29 "Transparent Communion" by @willzwey featuring 


Date: 06/08 

Cost: 0.04 ETH 

Max Edition Size: 420 

Set: Base


Willea Zwey, a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, blends architecture with surreal elements in her otherworldly artwork. Since 2021, her digital art has garnered recognition, auctioned at Sotheby's, and exhibited worldwide, including NY, Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.


In Card 29, we embark on a transformative odyssey, a sacred rite of passage into the boundless realm, embracing the liberated process where we discover strength in the ethereal transparency. 




Wave 1:  

10am EDT Thursday June 8th - 10am  EDT Friday June 9th: 

- Naka sets 

- Artist AL  


Wave 2:  

10am EDT Friday June 9th - 10am Sunday June 11th. 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards

We extend our gratitude to @willzwey for their delightful and vibrant contribution to SZN 2.

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