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'G: King Of Apes'

Introducing Card 31 “G: King Of Apes” by @RedruMxNFT featuring Cryptopunk #8219 from the @gmoneyNFT


Date: 06/15
Cost: 0.04 ETH
Max Edition Size: 420
Set: Base


@RedruMxNFT is an Italian digital artist known for his surreal and character-driven artworks created using artificial intelligence. His pieces draw inspiration from various sources and aim to establish unexpected connections with the viewer.

When the market is a sea of red and the people are full of despair, the King of Apes gently reminds us that balance will soon come to this world full of chaos.


Wave 1:
10am EDT June 15th - 10am EDT June 16th:
- Naka sets
- Artist AL
- Admit One Holders

Wave 2:
10am EDT June 16th - 10am EDT June 17th.
- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards

Wave 3:
10am EDT June 17th - 10am EDT June 18th
- Public

Thank you @RedruMxNFT for infusing your distinctive style into what continues to be an incredible SZN 2!

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