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'Meebtown Manhattan'

Introducing Card 32 “Meebtown Manhattan” by @killianmoore_ featuring Meebit #7496


Date: 06/19

Cost: 0.04 ETH

Max Edition Size: 420

Set: Base

Another day leaving the office after sunset, Wall Street doesn’t hit the same way it did when #7496 started. As the effect of the addy wears off, one thought remains: “I need to buy a Punk”

@killianmoore_ is an Irish born, NYC based cityscape, landscape, street, aerial & astro photographer. Through these different disciplines of photography, Killian strives to bring the beauty and wonder of the world around him to his collectors.



Wave 1

10am EDT June 19th:

- Naka sets

- Artist AL


Wave 2

10am EDT June 20th: 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards


Wave 3 

10am EDT June 21st:

- Public

Thank you to @killianmoore_ for sharing their exceptional talents with us for SZN 2!

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