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Introducing SZN 2 Card 34 “meebfer” presented by STM x @sartoshi_rip and illustrated by @rodritoh89


Date: 06/27

Cost: 0.04 ETH

Max Edition Size: 420

Set: Base


Our latest card serves as a tribute to the iconic mfers, as we have collaborated with @sartoshi_rip to imagine what transpires after the events of mfer #781 and featuring an appearance by CryptoPunk #2099 from the collection of @CryptoPunkNoah


Illustrated by @rodritoh89 in the spirit of the original mfers, meebfer represents all the mfers who have embraced the crazy world of NFTs and blockchain technology. A versatile artist and proud member of the mfers community, Rodro has etched a new chapter in mfers lore




Wave 1:

10am EDT June 27th

- Naka sets

- Mfers


Wave 2:

10am EDT June 28th

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards

- End Of Sartoshi


Wave 3:

10am EDT June 29th

- Public

Thank you @rodritoh89 for illustrating our latest card and of course to @sartoshi_rip for your years of work in the web3 space as well as your collaboration and willingness to have us continue the story with meebfer, further demonstrating the power of cc0

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