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'To The Maxx'

1/ SZN 2 Card 36 “To the Maxx” by @phil_heal featuring Cyrptopunks #1478 from @artonblockchain and #6649 from @dhoward_07


Date: 10am EDT July 10th, 2023

Cost: 0.04

Edition: 150

Set: Base

@Phil_heal is a self-taught Nigerian multidisciplinary creative based in Chicago. His works range from illustrations, animations, and 3D art. Inspired by African spirituality and culture, his creations have garnered recognition through noteworthy exhibitions worldwide. 

Taking cues from punk rock and the animated film Redline, @phil_heal has created a captivating artwork showcasing the electrifying energy of Cryptopunks 1478 and 6649.



Wave 1:  

10am EDT July 10th 

- Naka sets 

- Artist AL  


Wave 2:  

10am EDT Friday July 11th 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards


Wave 3:  

10am EDT Friday July 12th 

- Public

Thank you to @artonblockchain and @dhoward_07 for allowing us to use these iconic assets, and to @Phil_heal for bringing them to life in this incredible piece of art.

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