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SZN 2 Card 38 “GangGang” by @leaf_swan


Date: 10pm EDT July 17th, 2023

Cost: 0.04

Edition: 150

Set: Base


Leafswan is a self taught digital artist from the Netherlands. With a captivating style that seamlessly blends futuristic elements and a touch of realism, her vibrant creations transport you into a world where imaginative beings come to life. 


A commentary on recent streaming trends, "GangGang" brings forth a captivating masterpiece that reimagines the interaction between viewers and streamers. An exuberant addition to SZN 2, Card 38 is a playful exploration of gifting culture.



Wave 1:  

10pm EDT July 17th 

- Naka sets 

- Artist AL  


Wave 2:  

10pm EDT July 18th 

- Holders of 4 or more STM Cards


Wave 3:  

10pm EDT July 19th 

- Public

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